early detection of flaws that could compromise the integrity of the retaining rings

TurboRotoScan S

In generators retaining rings are considered one of the most critical parts. Thy require particular attention during inspections. These rings are shrink-fitted to both ends of the rotor to mechanically secure the rotor and windings against centrifugal forces.


The TurboRotoScan S gives the ability to perform the test while the rotor remains in place. The system can be used in nearly all Turbogenerators from different manufacturers.

advanced NDT​

The TurboRotoScan S is equipped with the latest NDT technology. It can perform Eddy Current Array und Ultrasonic Phased Array Inspection simultaneously and record all data for monitoring.


The inspection process involves only minimal amount ofmechanical disassembly and reassembly in order to access the retaining rings and install the Scanner.


The project goal for Inspection Robotics is to learn from and with our partners and to further develop our robotic capabilities.

How it works

The Turborotoscan-S (or Turborotosca-Small) is a retaining ring scanner that leverages phased array ultrasonic sensors and a lightweight frame, making it suitable for use in a wide range of generators, and while the rotor remains in place withinthe stator. This version represents a step change in earlier technology available in the market.
The scanner has been designed such that it can fit within a geometrical stator-rotor clearance of approximately 20 mm; or in other words, the scanner is sufficiently slim to be used on small air cooled generators. The scanner is nominally supplied with phased array sensors for scanning the retaining ring inside surfaces and an eddy current probe to scan the retaining ring exterior surfaces in parallel.

Key features

  • lightweight and compact, comes in 3 hard-shell boxes
  • Ultrasonics & Eddy Current Testing at the same time
  • in-situ inspection

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