Training and Rental

Training & Rental

To introduce robotic inspection on your site we have experts to train and support your team.  Training typically consists of class-room theory combined with hands-on practice deploying a robot into an asset. We work closely within a global network to support your training needs. Trained operators get a certificate which entitles them to rent our platforms.


Our trainers and consultants have years of experience in the field of robotic inspection services. Training can be done at the customer site or in one of our training facilities.


Training duration is about 2-4 days, depending on type of robot and modules to be used. After succesful demonstration of the newly learned skills, we issue a certificate to the trainee. 


Once training is successfully passed, the trainee is eligible to rent the specific inspection robot. Short and long term schemes are available. This is the most cost effective way to introduce robotics.


From Training and Certification to Buying or Renting


Experienced Robotics Trainers provide theoretical knowledge on the robots as well as best practice recommendations from the field. This is combined with hands-on experience operating the platforms. Thorough training documentation is provided as a handout.


Successful completion of training is rewarded with a certificate for the operator. The content of training as well as the learned capabilities are listed.

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