ETH - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology , Zurich

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich is a university of science and technology with an outstanding research track record. More than 18,000 people from 80 nations study, research and work there. Around 370 professorships in 16 departments provide world-class teaching and research, primarily in technology, mathematics, the natural sciences and related areas.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

ETH Zurich’s mission is to compete as one of the top universities internationally and break into new, pioneering fields. A university with national roots and an international orientation, it fulfils this mission on behalf of Switzerland. In the last 153 years, the university has been associated with 21 Nobel Laureates who were engaged as professors at ETH Zurich at the time of their award or had studied or researched there.

Collaboration between ETH Zurich’s Autonomous Systems Lab (ASL) and Inspection Robotics takes place primarily at the level of research and development. The main goal is to develop intelligent, autonomous robotic and mechatronic systems. In concrete terms these are inspection robots, walking robots and micro robots, as well as unmanned aircrafts such as solar aircrafts and micro helicopters. Other areas covered include navigation and mapping, and product design methodologies and innovation.

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