EPFL - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne

The EPFL is internationally recognized as a top university, and attracts well-known researchers from all over the world. Its campus on the shores of Lake Geneva brings together around 10,000 people. The school’s innovative structure is designed to stimulate collaboration between students, professors, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Daily interactions give rise to new and groundbreaking work in science, technology and architecture. EPFL offers 13 complete study programmes at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels in engineering, basic sciences, computer and communication sciences, life sciences, technology management, civil engineering, architecture, and the environment. With more than 250 laboratories and research groups on campus, the EPFL is one of the most innovative and productive scientific institutions in the world.

Similar to Inspection Robotics’ work with the ETH Zurich, its collaboration with the EPFL centres on research and development in connection with robotic and mechatronic systems.

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