Manual Scanners and Robotic building blocks

Manual Scanners are mostly used to perform simple inspection tasks such Ultrasonic Phased Array weld inspection or Eddy Current inspection. Our manual scanners are developed together with the end users in field service. This results in reliable and repeatable inspection even in harsh environments.



The PALM Scanner is a compact, lightweight and robust tool that uses ultrasonic phased array technology to reliably, efficiently and safely inspect the weld integrity of small diameter tube racks with clearance as narrow as 12 mm.

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PALM flat--2

PALM flat

The PALM Flat is a compact, lightweight and robust tool that uses ultrasonic phased array technology to inspect the weld integrity of large diameter pipes up to flat surfaces. Two Scanners can be combined for double sided weld inspection.

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Magnet Buggy

The magnet buggy is a 4 wheeled drive module for single axis motion. Several buggies can be combined to design robotic platform for specific tasks.

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The main task of the Pump Unit is to provide a continuous, low-noise and adjustable feed of couplant liquid for ultrasound inspection. Due to its protection rating of IP65 it can be operated inside as well as outdoors in harsh environments.

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The Inspection Robotics Encoder Suite for accurate position feedback.

Encoder Modules

High resolution (up to 4096 cts / rev), exchangeable connectors and miniature design distinguish the Inspection Robotics encoder suite from the competition.

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