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Simulation Software to deploy a virtual Inspection Robotics platform in a virtual asset. This is a powerful 3D Software that works similiar to a 3D videogame. The operator can simulate every step of an inspection without setting a foot on site. This package can be used for preparation, training or marketing.


Use this Software to prepare for an inspection job. Ina virtual inspection you can find out of the robot can reach the location of interest and what the best position for a certain task is.


New operators can use this program to get familiar with robotic inspection tools. Learn how to get to a certain feature in the asset with entangling the tether or loosing magnetic adhesion.


To convince your customers about robotic inspections, there is no better way then to show a simulation of theinspection plan.

Specs & Resources

Download documents and get technical insights to assess applicability on your site.


Watch this short video to get an impression about capabilities of RoboSim.

RoboSim Software

Download RoboSim and install on the computer you need it. The Software comes as a trial version to test. Contact your sales representative to buy the full version.

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