R&D and Engineering

Inspection Robotics provides a comprehensive set of consulting services to support our customers implementing robotics and new inspection technologies.


Together with our customer we asses and analyze the specific application and the as-of-today solution. Our mixed groups of experts have experience in Mechatronics, NDT and Field Service to understand your problem.


Depending on the problem the customer wants to solve we either recommend an existing solution "off-the-shelf" or set up a joint development project.


Our experts accompany the customer from the first point of contact through the business case up to implementing the final solution. Together we solve the problem.


What makes Inspection Robotics very unique in the market is our special setup. On one hand we have mixed teams of experts from all required fields. It proved to be very efficient to combine knowledge, mindsets and skills from robotic development pioneers with experienced field service engineers. On the other hand Inspection Robotics covers the complete value chain from R&D to production of the final product and even after sales services & support. With this setup we make sure we learn from every single development project and improve continuously.


Step 1: Robotic Concept Evaluation and Elaboration

Based on the customer needs and requirements robotic concepts are evaluated and elaborated focusing the maximum value of a potential robotic deployment

  • Analysis of the needs and requirements
  • Evaluation of Inspection Robotics Potentials
  • KPI Definition and business value assessment
  • Elaboration of robotic concepts and prove of the feasibility
  • Robotic Value (Business Case)
  • System Requirements
  • System Concept and Feasibility

Step 2: Development / Engineering

Bespoke development and engineering of robotic solutions

  • Configuration of Robotic System to suit the specific requirements and needs
  • Adaptation and Engineering of robotic modules
  • Bespoke development of required modules and components
  • System Integration / Application Engineering
  • Tailored system to suit the specific Requirements for robotic maintenance and inspection

Step 3: Field deployment

Try the development in the real environment

  • roll-out strategy
  • support during deployment
  • training of the end-user
  • Shipment and logistics
  • collect customer feedback
  • Short / long term system rental schemes

Step 4: After Sales Services & Support

Time is money. It is essential to assure the system functionality on site and to have skilled operators taking the maximum out of a robotic system.

  • On Site Repair / Maintenance
  • Operation Support (onsite / remote)
  • Short / long term system rental
  • Short / long term maintenance agreements


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