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electronic PUMP

The main task of the pumpUnit is to provide a continuous, low-noise and adjustable feed of couplant liquid for ultrasound inspection. Due to its protection rating of IP65 it can be operated inside as well as outdoors in harsh environments.


The PUMP Unit is set up in seconds and easy to operate. Simply connect power cable and couplant piping and switch on the unit.


For almost every Ultrasonic application it is crucial to have steady couplant flow. This pump Unit is specially designed to do exactly this: pulsation free couplant supply.


Designed for the use in harsh field service environments the PUMP Unit comes with an exchangeable filter and IP 65 protection rating.

Specs & Resources

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Technical Specifications

Electronic PUMP
Length x Width x Height 202 x 215 x 80 (mm)
Weight 2.63kg
Protection rating IP65
Storage Temperature -20 … +70°C
Operation Temperature -10 … 50°C (environment and liquid)
Operation voltage 100 … 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
power consumption < 100 W
liquids water, low viscous oils
flow rate 0.05 … 1.3 l/min (water)
max pressure 3.7 bar (water)

System Overview

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