Inspection Camera PTZ HD30

confined spaces 30x optical zoom powerful LED light parallel laser lines


Visual inspections are by far the most performed industry inspection. The PTZ HD30 is a powerful industrial graded inspection camera for remote visual inspections.The camera is equipped with a 30x optical zoom which allows to get very sharp footage even from great distances. The image quality is full HD and comes with noise reduction and de-fog features. The light LED output outperforms any other inspection camera on the market.

Full HD

The HD camera module delivers crystal clear images in full HD resolution. This gives you double details compared to conventional inspection cameras. 

LED lights

Especially in confined spaces light output of a camera is the most important factor for a good image. 4 integrated LEDs with a total of 80W power will lighten even at great distances.


The camera head is operated as standalone unit from the Integrated Control Station. The integration onto a robotic crawler – FAST RVI – can be done within minutes.

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4 Powerful LED lights

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2 parallel line lasers with set distance for size estimation on far away features.

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Full HD camera module with 30x optical zoom

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Onboard electronics with digital absolute encoders for exact position feedback – ready for 3D LOC

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infinite pan and 220° tilt axis for maximum coverage

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lightweight carbon fibre deployment poles and tripods available

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Touchscreen or joystick control via ICS II – Integrated Control Station

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