Mobile Robotics

Our robotic crawler platforms, based on magnetic wheels or rollers to perform inspections and other activities.



With the BIKE platform Inspection Robotics has realized a truly ultra-mobile inspection platform. Where existing inspection crawlers are reaching their limits in terms of accessibility and maneuverability the BIKE platform is just beginning to perform.

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A cleaning and Inspection robot for boiler walls, our biggest robot eliminates the need for scaffolding in boilers. It cleans and inspects the boiler tubes simultaneously.

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The PTZ HD30 is a powerful, industrial grade camera designed for remote visual inspections. The camera is equipped with a 30x optical zoom, which provides sharp, clear images even at long distances.

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The solution for automated remote Ultrasonic & Phased Array inspection on pipes & drums. Whether you are looking at corrosion mapping or weld inspection – with the modular FAST UT you have a modular inspection system.

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Scanners & Modules

Manual Scanners are mostly used to perform simple inspection tasks such Ultrasonic Phased Array weld inspection or Eddy Current inspection. Our manual scanners are developed together with the end users in field service. This results in reliable and repeatable inspection even in harsh environments.



The PALM Scanner is a compact, lightweight and robust tool that uses ultrasonic phased array technology to reliably, efficiently and safely inspect the weld integrity of small diameter tube racks with clearance as narrow as 12 mm.

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PALM flat--2

PALM flat

The PALM Flat is a compact, lightweight and robust tool that uses ultrasonic phased array technology to inspect the weld integrity of large diameter pipes up to flat surfaces. Two Scanners can be combined for double sided weld inspection.

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Magnet Buggy

The magnet buggy is a 4 wheeled drive module for single axis motion. Several buggies can be combined to design robotic platform for specific tasks.

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The main task of the Pump Unit is to provide a continuous, low-noise and adjustable feed of couplant liquid for ultrasound inspection. Due to its protection rating of IP65 it can be operated inside as well as outdoors in harsh environments.

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The Inspection Robotics Encoder Suite for accurate position feedback.

Encoder Modules

High resolution (up to 4096 cts / rev), exchangeable connectors and miniature design distinguish the Inspection Robotics encoder suite from the competition.

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Software & Control​

To operate robotic platforms advanced Control Station and Software are crucial.


ICS2 – Integrated Control Station

To operate a robotic inspection system in an industrial environment it is crucial to have a reliable control station. With the second generation of Integrated Control Station – ICS 2 – the operator has the all-one-one tool at his hand.

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This technology provides the full 3D awareness of the robot in the asset with 3D interactive robot control. Inspection data is tagged with the precise position in the asset, and a digital twin containing all the inspection data is maintained.

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Build 3D digital twins of your assets with the 3D Assetbuilder. Export into standard file formats to use with 3D LOC.

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This simulation software is used for planning inspections, training of new inspectors and for marketing the digital inspection offering.

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