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9HA.01/.02 GAS TURBINE (50 HZ)

The 9HA high efficiency, air-cooled gas turbine is the industry leader among H-class offerings. With two available models—the 9HA.01 at 397 MW and the 9HA.02 at 510 MW—customers can easily select the right capacity to meet their generation needs.


Industry-Leading Operational Flexibility

Features a fast 10-minute ramp-up from start command to full load, and up to 70 MW/minute ramping capability in a 1x1 configuration or 140 MW/minute in a 2x1 configuration.

Least Complex H-Class Offering

Showcases a simpler configuration than GE’s previous H-class fleet and doesn’t require a separate cooling air system.

Full-Load Validation

The 9HA has been fully tested in our Greenville, S.C. facility, with an approach that is superior to operating a field prototype for 8,000 hours.


9HA.01/.02 GAS TURBINE (50 HZ)

Thanks to a simplified air-cooled architecture, advanced materials, and proven operability and reliability, the 9HA delivers the lowest life cycle cost per MW. The economies of scale created by this high power density gas turbine, combined with its more than 61 percent combined-cycle efficiency, enables the most cost-effective conversion of fuel to electricity to help operators meet increasingly dynamic power demands.

  • Streamlined maintenance with quick-removal turbine roof, field-replaceable blades, and 100 percent borescope inspection coverage for all blades
  • 4-stage turbine with 3D aerodynamic hot gas path, cooling and sealing improvements, single-crystal and directionally solidified blades, and double-wall casing for improved clearance control
  • 14-stage advanced compressor with 3D aerodynamic airfoils with superfinish, 3 stages of variable stator vanes, and field-replaceable blades
  • DLN 2.6+ combustor with axial fuel staging is proven through 18,000 starts and >1 million hours
  • Combustor enables improved turndown and greater fuel flexibility
  • Reduces need for on-site gas compression; fuel pressure requirements as low as 435 psi/30 bar
  • Reaches turndown as low as 40 percent of gas turbine baseload output within emissions compliance
  • Fuel flexible to accommodate gas and liquid fuels with wide gas variability, including high ethane (shale) gas and liquefied natural gas

Frame 9H, 9F 7-Series, 9F-7, 9FB.05, FE50


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Product Specifications


Fact Sheet

01  02
50/60 50 HZ 50 HZ
SC Output
397 510
SC Net Heat Rate
(Btu/kWh, LHV)
8220 8170
SC Net Heat Rate
(kJ/kWh, LHV)
8673 8620
SC Efficiency
(%, LHV)
41.50% 41.80%
Compressor Pressure Ratio 21.8 23.5
Firing Temperature Class
>2600/>1427 >2600/>1427
Exhaust Temp
1150 / 621 1206/652
Exhaust Energy
1960 2430
GT Min. Turn Down Load
40% 40%
NOx Emission
(@ 15% O2 ppm)
25 25
CO Emission
9 9
Exhaust Energy
(MM kJ/hr)
2011 2564
GT Ramp Rate
60 70
Wobbe Variation
+/- 10% +/- 10%
Startup Time
(Hot, minutes)
11 12

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