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SPRINT Robotics Demonstration Days

September 27, 2017

  GE Inspection Robotics is proud to invite you to the SPRINT Robotics Demonstration Days. Flyer   More Info & Registration (Free) GE Inspection Robotics will be at the SPRINT Robotics Demonstration Days hosted by BASF Freeport, Texas, USA, on October 25th 2017. We will be presenting the following products: BIKE FAST RVI Together with LEARN MORE →

BIKE mission at a pump storage power plant

June 29, 2017

The BIKE platform is a very compact magnetic wheeled robot capable of inspecting power plant facilities and multiple applications in the oil&gas industry, such as vessel or pipe inspection. The innovative locomotion concept is capable of climbing complex structures and passing obstacles. see it in action BIKE inspecting a pump storage power plant Having doubts about LEARN MORE →

SPRINT Robotics Collaborative

November 1, 2016

GE Inspection Robotics is a proud participant of the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative. visit SPRINT website SPRINT Robotics Collaborative The SPRINT Robotics Collaborative aims to achieve field use of robotics for inspection and maintenance of capital intensive infrastructure assets on a very large scale within the next ten years. Using robotics in the domain of technical LEARN MORE →

PETROBOT Project Closing Seminar

October 25, 2016

GE Inspection Robotics is attending the PETROBOT Project Closing Seminar taking place at the Shell Technology Centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. PETROBOT Project Closing Seminar On October 25th, 2016, the PETROBOT Project Closing Seminar took place at the Shell Technology Centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The event hosted approximately 160 people, representing roughly 110 different companies LEARN MORE →

Inspection Robotics at WCNDT 2016

May 30, 2016

From June 13th to June 16th Inspection Robotics will be presenting their latest products and developments at the 19th WCNDT in Munich.  find us at WCNDT 2016 June 2016: GE Inspection Robotics @ WCNDT 2016 in Munich Over the last two years Inspection Robotics has launched more & more products for the global NDT market. LEARN MORE →

IKM trained on FAST RVI

April 8, 2016

As part of the roll-out plan for FAST RVI GE Inspection Robotics is training international service providers on deployment & operation of the system. April 2016: IKM training on FAST RVI The IKM Group is an industrial service provider serving the oil & gas industry with more than 2400 employees worldwide. With a focus on LEARN MORE →

GE Inspection Robotics

March 31, 2016

Together with the acquisition of Alstom Power GE also takes over the shares of Alstom Inspection Robotics. AS GE Inspection Robotics we will be part of GE’s Power Services, providing state of the art inspection tools. April 2016: Welcome to GE Inspection Robotics This is a pivotal time in the history of GE. Alstom Inspection LEARN MORE →

Inspection Robotics at SPRINT Seminar

March 15, 2016

On April 4 & April 5 2016 we are participating at the SPRINT Robotics Seminar in Houston, TX. We will demonstrate our latest developments and present the new version of our FAST RVI platform. FAST RVI product page April 2016: SPRINT Robotics Seminar: Global Outlook on Inspection & Maintenance Robotics THE SPRINT ROBOTICS COLLABORATIVE is LEARN MORE →

Launch of the BIKE 2016

January 31, 2016

The BIKE platform was initially a development launched as a university research project. Inspection Robotics took over the basic principles of control and obstacle handling and indstrialized the platform. BIKE product page January 2016: Launch of the BIKE 2016 After more than 7 years of development and numerous field trials Inspection Robotics is proud to LEARN MORE →

TECSON Inspection trained on FAST RVI

October 25, 2015

Tecson Inspection is the first inspection service provider to get trained on our FAST RVI platform. Tecson will use the system to remotely inspect two pressure vessels during an upcoming turnaround in a Dutch refinery. FAST RVI product page October 2015: Tecson Inspection trained on FAST RVI We would like to thank Tecson inspection for LEARN MORE →

FAST RVI – ready for remote visual inspection

October 11, 2015

In close collaboration with our customers Inspection Robotics has adapted the FAST platform to perform visual inspection using PTZ cameras. go to product page October 2015: Official launch of the FAST RVI Visual Inspection is the most performed inspection type in Oil & Gas industry – 80% of all inspection are VT. For documentation and LEARN MORE →

PETROBOT turns 2!

September 1, 2015

The PETROBOT project celebrates its second birthday today. The past year has seen the project advancing from the specification and design phase to the development phase. The project is now in its final year and the robotic inspection solutions are ready for field testing and trials. PETROBOT website The PETROBOT project celebrates its second birthday today. LEARN MORE →

PALM Scanner suite upgraded

July 1, 2015

With this upgrade we introduce our new encoder family. This in-house development is more robust and much easier in terms of handling and exchangeability. Furthermore the new encoder is smaller in size and lighter than any other encoder on the market. July 2015: PALM – made better The Inspection Robotics PALM Scanner is a compact, LEARN MORE →