NDT & Robotics Integration

In most cases the NDT method and procedure is defined by the OEM (original equipment manufacturer), asset owner or plant operator. Our job is to change today’s approach of manual inspection to an automated solution.

„Give me your probe and I will add a brain and wheels to it“

This statement from our CTO Wolfgang Zesch describes best the way we cooperate with our customers. In most cases the NDT method and procedure is defined by the OEM (original equipment manufacturer), asset owner or plant operator. Our job is to change today’s approach of manual inspection to an automated solution.

This has various advantages for all parties involved:



The manual process of holding a probe in one hand and trying to take screenshots with the other hand is history. The robotic approach is to position the probe using an automated or manual system and to collect the data in a structured way. If a the probe needs to be moved the movement is much more precise than with the conventional way. For the NDT inspector it means he can purely concentrate on his inspection data. This results in time saving and quality increase.


NDT inspection services is in most parts of the world a very competitive business in a very competitive market. To be on top of the list of preferred service providers means to differentiate by technology and quality. By offering automated inspection solutions service providers not only prove they can perform efficient high quality inspections, but also being flexible with modular inspection systems.


When selecting an inspection company for the turnover usually cost is the driving factor. In many cases the qualification and experience of NDT personnel is on the lower band associated with reasonable cost. With mechanized or automated NDT inspection the focus during the selection phase of an inspection company will change from being cheap and fast to being effective.


The asset defines the standards to which an inspection should be executed. In addition to technical guidance and references the standards also define a large portion of health & safety requirements and personell training. Especially when an inspection is carried out by rope-access or entry of confined spaces the preparation of an inspection takes a large portion of time & cost. Performing such inspcetions from a safe remote location can safe up to 90% in terms of cost and more than 50% of time.

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Inspection Robotics empowers you with total automated inspection solutions tailored to your desired outcomes. Our advanced technology and service solutions deliver industry-leading value to your assets.

BIKE platform

The BIKE platform is a very compact magnetic wheeled robot capable of inspecting power plant facilities and multiple applications in the oil&gas industry, such as vessel or pipe inspection. The innovative locomotion concept is capable of climbing complex structures and passing obstacles.   see it in action get brochure High mobility This robot can climb vertical LEARN MORE →


The solution for remote visual inspection of tanks, vessels and pipes – equipped with a powerful PTZ inspection camera this robot is revolutionizing visual inspections. See it in action get brochure remote inspection The FAST RVI allows the operator to access areas that could not be accessed by human, get more coverage, inspect behind baffles LEARN MORE →

PALM Scanner

The Inspection Robotics PALM Scanner is a compact, lightweight and robust tool that uses ultrasonic phased array technology to reliably, efficiently and safely inspect the weld integrity of small diameter tube racks with clearance as narrow as 12 mm. see it in action   get brochure fast & easy setup The set up time for LEARN MORE →

PALM flat

The PALM Flat is a compact, lightweight and robust tool that uses ultrasonic phased array technology to inspect the weld integrity of large diameter pipes up to flat surfaces. see it in action fast & easy setup The set up time for an inspection is less than one minute. The PALM flat comes in one LEARN MORE →


With a weight less than 3kg and its fully adjustable low pulsation flow it the simplest and most reliable couplant pump on the market. View Product Specifications simple The PUMP Unit is set up in seconds and easy to operate. Simply connect power cable and couplant piping and switch on the unit. no pulsation For LEARN MORE →


AEROARMS intends to develop the first aerial robotic system with multiple arms and advanced manipulation capabilities to be applied in inspection and maintenance activities in industrial plants. AEROARMS website Research and development of aerial manipulation methods and technologies required to perform the industrial inspection and maintenance. Installation and maintenance of permanent Non Destructive Tests (NDT) sensors LEARN MORE →

Petrobot Project

The PETROBOT project aims to develop a series of robotic solutions which can be used by inspectors to conduct remote inspection of pressure vessels and aboveground storage tanks widely used in the oil, gas and petro-chemical industry.. see it in action PETROBOT website pressure vessels PV’s are found in upstream, midstream and downstream systems. The LEARN MORE →


The solution for automated remote Ultrasonic & Phased Array inspection on pipes & drums. Whether you are looking at corrosion mapping or weld inspection – with the modular FAST UT you have a modular inspection system. See it in action corrosion mapping Due to its modular design the FAST platform can be adapted to new applications LEARN MORE →

FAST Cleaning

The all-in-one maintenance crew; This robot – based on the FAST platform – is capable of cleaning, polishing, grinding, polishing and even painting hard to reach & access areas. see it in action ultra mobile Thanks to the flat profile the system can drive into narrow spaces and reach areas where usually a disassemble or LEARN MORE →

Encoder Modules

High resolution (up to 4096 cts / rev), exchangeable connectors and miniature design distinguish the Inspection Robotics encoder suite from the competition. View Product Specifications robust The basis of our encoder suite is a rotating magnet which is not harmed by water or dust ingression. The standard is IP54, can be increased on request. safe LEARN MORE →

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