Maintenance & Calibration Services

With a dedicated service team we currently maintain about 75 inspection systems worldwide. Depending on the customer and country our technicians also perform on-site maintenance & support in urgent cases.


Inspection Robotics is an R&D company as well as a system manufacturer. However, what really counts is that we deliver complete solutions. For most of our customers it is crucial to have a reliable & responsive service team in case something happens. For all our systems we offer maintenance and calibration packages. Furthermore we do repairs and offer spare parts & consumables.



In most cases and according to international standards the calibration interval of NDT inspection equipment is 12 months. With all the system we hand over to our customers we offer full range calibration services. For systems we develop and manufacture the calibration service is done in our headquarters in Zurich Switzerland. For 3rd party systems such as NDT probes and aquisition units we have service agreements with the manufacturer (OEM).


Because our systems usually operate in very harsh environments such as power plants, refineries or offshore it happens that things break. Depending on customer need & time frame we can offer either on-site repair, sending a service technician to site, or in-house repair where the system is sent to our premises for repair.


All our systems are delivered with a comprehensive set of spare parts. In addition to that we have spare parts such as encoders, cables, wheels or motors on stock. With that we can react fast and efficient to field issues and assist our customer in a professional way.


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