Remote Support, Calibration & Repair

Product Support

With a dedicated service team we currently maintain our inspection systems worldwide. Depending on the customer and country our technicians also perform on-site maintenance & support in urgent cases.

OEM Experience

Our support team has access to the datasets of our global installed fleet of inspection robots. Issues are tracked and logged in a database.

remote support

Our control units have a remote support software package installed. Customers get support by the push of a button.


Our support team works closely with the engineering and design teams. For complex issues everybody works together to find a solution.

Product Services Offering

Reach out to our team to get the support you need.

Remote Support

Our robot control stations come with a pre-installed remote support app. Our support engineers can remotely log in and support the operators in the field.

Repairs & Spare Parts

Depending on customer need & time constraints we can offer either on-site repair, sending a service technician to site, or in-house repair where the system is sent to our premises for repair.

Calibration & Maintenance

According to international standards the calibration interval of NDT inspection equipment is 12 months. We recommend a regular maintenance interval.

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With the BIKE platform Inspection Robotics has realized a truly ultra-mobile inspection platform. Where existing inspection crawlers are reaching their limits in terms of accessibility and maneuverability the BIKE platform is just beginning to perform.

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The FAST RVI can perform a full HD remote visual inspection while drastically reducing risk for the operator. The HD inspection camera is carried by a robot, this allows for high quality close-up inspection in confined spaces.

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The PTZ HD30 is a powerful, industrial grade camera designed for remote visual inspections. The camera is equipped with a 30x optical zoom, which provides sharp, clear images even at long distances.

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