IKM Testing trained on FAST RVI

As part of the roll-out plan for FAST RVI GE Inspection Robotics is training international service providers on deployment & operation of the system.

April 2016: IKM training on FAST RVI

The IKM Group is an industrial service provider serving the oil & gas industry with more than 2400 employees worldwide. With a focus on offshore maintenance & inspection IKM is globally recognized for HSE policies and advanced technology. The FAST RVI is supporting IKMs strategy in terms of diversification by technology and operator safety. The first commercial mission using the FAST RVI for vessel inspection will take place beginning of May in the Northern Sea. Two highly experienced field engineers have been trained in our premises in Zurich. The training included safe operation of the robot, deployment and retracting, emergency treatment and inspection & procedure planning. Using the FAST RVI the operators can now reach “blind spots” which were not accessible by humans in the past. More important for IKM and their end customer is that with this new inspection robot method can eliminate entry in confined space. Especially on offshore inspections this is a huge cost & time safer.


Thanks IKM and looking forward for feedback!

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