Inspection Robotics joins GE

Together with the acquisition of Alstom Power GE also takes over the shares of Alstom Inspection Robotics. AS GE Inspection Robotics we will be part of GE’s Power Services, providing state of the art inspection tools.



April 2016: Welcome to GE Inspection Robotics

This is a pivotal time in the history of GE. Alstom Inspection Robotics as part of former Alstom Power joins the GE family. We will continue our business under the GE umbrella with a new name INSPECTION ROBOTICS. What will stay is the high quality developments, products and services our customers are used to.

As leader in the robotic inspection industry we built on engineering, innovation and technology. GE is fully committed to continuing our support of the innovation, values and diversity for our customers. The primary target of Inspection Robotics is to grow within the GE network in the power generation industry as well as in oil&gas.

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