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Advanced Inspection Solutions

To introduce robotic inspection on your site we have experts to train and support your team. We work closely with global inspection service providers who own and use our solutions on a daily basis. Reach out to one of our consultants to find out more or contact an inspect service provider directly.


Our experts and consultants have years of experience in the field of robotic inspection services. In addition we ensure valid certification in the required fields of operation.   


We operate globally. If you have a local service provider we will consult and provide training as needed. If you are looking for a new service provider, we will support with our network.


Our highest priorities are safety and quality. We believe we can achieve this by working with established teams in the field. We build on long term relationships with all customers and win together.

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The solution for automated remote Ultrasonic & Phased Array inspection on pipes & drums. Whether you are looking at corrosion mapping or weld inspection – with the modular FAST UT you have a modular inspection system.

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Maintenance & Calibration

With a dedicated service team we currently maintain our inspection systems worldwide. Depending on the customer our technicians also perform on-site maintenance & support in urgent cases.

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