Automated ultrasonic inspection

weld following corrosion mapping


Advanced NDT applications are getting more and more widely used in the oil&gas and power industries. Requirements on repeatability and data quality are getting stronger. This is exactly what FAST-UT offers. Its probe holders are designed to ensure a proper coupling of the sensors in most of the situations while video information on the surface condition and accurate position are recorded. With its compatibility with UT, PA, TOFD and ET, FAST will allow complete inspection of welds as well as corrosion mapping in a very efficient way.

corrosion mapping

Due to its modular design the FAST platform can be adapted to new applications quickly and easily. The modular scan axis (Y-axis) allows for raster scans, combined with Ultrasonic probes the robot delivers high quality corrosion maps.

weld inspection

Equipped with the weld following module the robot turns into a fully automated weld scanner. The Inspection Robotics probe holder can handle Phased Array and/or TOFD probes for the weld inspection.

precision & repeatability

Automated driving combined with active slippage control (ASC) provides precise position control all the time – every time. This is ideal for monitoring applications where repeatability and accuracy counts.


The solution for automated remote Ultrasonic & Phased Array inspection on pipes & drums. Whether you are looking at corrosion mapping or weld inspection – with the modular FAST UT you have a modular inspection system.

PA Weld inspection

Autonomous weld following

Concentrate on the inspection data while the robot automatically guides the Phased Array probes along the weld seam. In addition to the Ultrasonic data the system stores images and videos from the weld tracking camera.

Corrosion Mapping

Raster Scanning

In this mode the system delivers the two encoder positions (X-, Y Scan) to the Ultrasonic (or Phased Array) instrument to create an accurate C-Scan. For corrosion inspections along pipes, e.g. lower half of pipelined, curved scan axis are available.

Active Slippage Control

high precision data

Automated driving combined with active slippage control (ASC) provides precise position control all the time - every time. This is ideal for monitoring applications where repeatability and accuracy counts.

FAST UT brochure

Download the print version of the FAST UT brochure for further reading.

technical spec sheet

Get additional information and technical specs of the individual components.


Check the basic dimensions of the crawler and applicability for your inspection.

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