FAST platform

The solution for automated remote inspection of pipes, drums and vessels – whether you are looking at NDT applications such as Ultrasonics / Eddy Current or  visual inspection – with the modular FAST platform you have an all-in-one system.


Due to its modular design the FAST platform can be adapted to new applications quickly and easily. The focus of the platform is to perform a wide range of NDT inspections such as Ultrasonics or Visual Inspections.


All modules designed for the FAST platform are easy and quick to interchange. The control & user interface automatically detects changes in configuration and adapts to the new inspection type.

high precision & repeatability

Automated driving combined with active slippage control (ASC) provides precise position control all the time – every time. This is ideal for monitoring applications where repeatability and accuracy counts.

FAST platform

The FAST robotic platform was developed in close collaboration with asset owners and inspection service providers in oil&gas and power generation to meet your specific needs. Leading edge mobile robotic technology was translated into a robust and field service proven robotic solution, providing unmatched repeatability andkeeping operators safe with a remote operating System.

Key features

With a system height below 15cm (6”) the system can access areas that were impossible to access by operators. Obstacles in tanks and pipes are not an issue any more. The weight of the full system is below 14kg (<31 pounds), meaning it can be easily deployed and hand-carried by one operator.

Numerous site inspections and closed feedback loops with our lead customers led to a robust and trustworthy design of the FAST system. Reliable after sales services and low maintenance efforts complete the package.

  • Strong magnetic wheels for overhead inspections
  • Easy to adapt to new inspection types
  • High precision scanning and automated compensation of slippage
  • Easy to learn control & user interface


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Based on the modular FAST platform Inspection Robotics has developed several solutions:



The solution for remote visual inspection of tanks, vessels and pipes. The platform is adaptable to most PTZ cameras on the market. For our customers this means they can use the equipment they already have or go for new GE inspection camera..

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A robotic cleaning system capable of entering confined space or low clearances. Comes with high pressure waterjet nozzles, various brushes and a vacuum suction system.

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The solution for automated remote Ultrasonic & Phased Array inspection on pipes & drums. Whether you are looking at corrosion mapping or weld inspection – with the modular FAST UT you have a modular inspection system.

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Contact our specialists if you need a solution for your specific problem. Based on the FAST platform we can have working viable products in very short time.


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