Many projects – both operational as well as in development – require small, robust (IP54+) encoders.  Standard off-the-shelf encoders have a number of drawbacks.  They are too big and/or not robust enough.  They are commonly sealed, which makes them expensive and difficult to service.  And, standard encoder cables, which typically fail first, are not very robust. 

Based on recently developed magnetic encoder chips, Inspection Robotics has developed inherently robust, sealed encoder units.  The encoders are based on a rotating magnet, which is not harmed by water or dust ingression.  The sensor chip sits in a separate unit, forming one integrated and sealed part with the cable or connector.

The encoders are used in nearly all  products from Inspection Robotics,  and also by many customers in their own inspection devices. 



The basis of our encoder suite is a rotating magnet which is not harmed by water or dust ingression. The standard is IP54, which can be increased on request.


The magnetic sensor chip sits in a separate unit which forms one integrated and sealed part with the cable and connector.


To overcome geometric constraints the encoders are available in a flat or small diameter version.


Specs & Resources

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Technical Specifications

Encoder Suite
Protection ClassIP 67
Operating temperature-25…+80 °C

1024 cts/rev.

(4096 cts/rev. upon request)

Accuracy± 0.35 Deg
Supply Voltage4.5…5.5V
ConnectorBinder Series 707, 4 pole
Rel. humidity95%

axial small diameter encoder

for small diameter applications

low profile encoder

for low profile applications

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