Diagnostic Generator Inspection with Rotor in Situ


DIRIS® (Diagnostic Inspection with Rotor in Situ) provides modern robotic instrumentation and tooling to allow fast and reliable remote inspection of the Turbogenerator. Fully embedded in our modular diagnostics solution portfolio, DIRIS® is a technology offering effective Turbogenerator inspections, reducing the risks related to rotor dismantling while giving complete confidence in continued machine operation between major outages.


DIRIS® enables early detection of faults that could compromise the reliability.Operators have confidence in Turbogenerator integrity between overhauls,and in the reduced risk of failures.

flexibility ​

DIRIS® gives the ability to perform the test while the rotor remains in place. If the rotor has been removed, please refer to our other DIRIS® solutions. The system can be used in nearly all Turbogenerators from different manufacturers.


With the rotor in place, one engineer can perform the inspection within as little as two days, including setup. As no rotor removal is required during outages, the risk of disassembly or transportation damage is eliminated.


The project goal for Inspection Robotics is to learn from and with our partners and to further develop our robotic capabilities.

Key features

    • Thorough condition assessment without rotor removal
    • Comprehensive visual evaluation of the Turbogenerator’s condition when the rotor is installed, even in areas that are not accessible for humans.
    • Fully automated condition assessment of key components accessible through the air gap. The focus is placed on the stator wedge tightness and stator core integrity, which are crucial for the reliability of the machine. These assessments can also be performed when the rotor is removed.
    • Highly accurate and reproducible test results are delivered through the use of a finely calibrated measurement system. Trending of the results enables well-founded and transparent maintenance decisions.

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