Technology Development

Customized and tailored inspection robots for specific customers applications.

LESS Robot


Robot Development for Laser Engineered Surface Structures in the CERN Large Hadron Collider

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Wireless lightweight inspection robot with advanced navigation and maneuverability.

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This robot – based on the FAST platform – is capable of cleaning, grinding, polishing and even painting hard to reach & access areas.

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AWF – autonomous weld following

Based on camera images the exact weld center position is calculated and correction factors are sent to the motor controllers. With this information the robot can follow the weld precisely.

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Gas Detection and Safety System

The concentration of hydrocarbons is measured continuously by the gas detector by sampling through a long tube which is integrated in the umbilical cable.

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3D Laser Pointcloud Stitching

A 3D Laser Range Finder on a robot creates 3D pointclouds. These pointclouds are stitched and additional sensor data is used to localize the robot in 3D space.

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Generator Inspection

Customized and tailored inspection robots for in-situ generator inspections.


TurboRotoScan S

The TurboRotoScan S enables early detection of flaws that could compromise the integrity of the generator retaining rings.

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DIRIS® (Diagnostic Inspection with Rotor in Situ) provides modern robotic tooling to allow fast and reliable remote inspection of a Turbogenerator.

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