Core Competencies

The Inspection Robotics teams are industry-leading experts in their specific areas. The competencies reach from robotic research academics over manufacturing specialists to field service specialist to deploy our developments in the field.



The mechanics team is responsible for the basic set-up and movement of inspection robots. Given the generally very rough environments in which they operate, inspection robots must be robust and reliable, take up a minimum of space, and be mobile and agile. They must also be protected from external influences such as dust, dirt, liquids and gases.


The mechatronics team designs the inspection robots’ motor control units and navigation systems, and integrates equipment for recording and processing measurement data. Another specific area of the team’s work is developing and implementing customer-specific applications such as video, ultrasound measurement or water jet cleaning.


The operation team is responsible for the production, assembly and operation of the inspection robots. The various robotics elements are manufactured in collaboration with specialist partners, either individually or in series. Thanks to an outstanding network of partners, Inspection Robotics is always able to draw on the latest industry and research experience in the manufacture of its products.


Tailored solutions integrating a range of applications such as cleaning, measurement or mechanical processing can be created in response to specific customer requirements. The mechanics team works with state-of-the-art design tools such as CAD/CAE (computer aided design and engineering), and specific processes that enable the rapid development of prototypes.


Here too, robustness, reliability, minimum space requirements and optimum mobility are key. The team works with the latest design tools and processes, including electronic design, production and testing, and integrated or host programming.


The operation team carries out system checks and tests along with mechanical and electronic tests on components and systems, as well as on-site repair and maintenance for devices already in use.

Finally and most importantly, the operation team performs the robotic operation on site and provides the measured data to the plant operator.

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