AWF - autonomous weld following

This innovative technology is using an industrial camera to recognize the weld seam. LEARN MORE →


With this 3D visualization and planning software we support customers to plan robotic inspections and train operators. LEARN MORE →


AEROARMS intends to develop the first aerial robotic system with multiple arms and advanced manipulation capabilities to be applied in inspection and maintenance activities in industrial plants. LEARN MORE →

Petrobot – Safe operation and continuous management

The PETROBOT project aims to develop a series of robotic solutions which can be used by inspectors to conduct remote inspection of pressure vessels and aboveground storage tanks widely used in the oil, gas and petro-chemical industry. LEARN MORE →

3D Environment Visualization by Laser Pointcloud Stitching

This technology enables the operator to steer a robot safely through a previously unknown and potentially dangerous 3D environment. LEARN MORE →


The ARCAS project proposes the development and experimental validation of the first cooperative free-flying robot system for assembly and structure construction. LEARN MORE →