At Inspection Robotics our team is our most valuable asset. It is of highest importance to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams all over the globe.

Careers at Inspection Robotics

As a dynamic joint-venture of GE Power Services and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, Inspection Robotics  is constantly developing. To be able to grow further, we want to attract the best talents in the various specialist disciplines. Inspection Robotics consists of small, agile teams of highly dedicated professionals who enjoy working and interacting with other like-minded people. Young university graduates in particular are attracted by the prospect of working in an organization with flat hierarchies in a creative development environment at the interface of industry and research. At Inspection Robotics everyone gets the opportunity to contribute their ideas and quickly translate them into reality as part of innovative technological applications.


Why I’m working for Inspection Robotics

“At Inspection Robotics I get the opportunity to work on diverse projects that often involve leading-edge technologies. Each day here brings with it new challenges that need to be tackled, this keeps the job interesting and intellectually stimulating. We have a wonderful team of people with varied backgrounds who work in co-operation to solve problems. The atmosphere here facilitates sharing of ideas which leads to better solutions to problems.”


Nitish Jha

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