BWCI - Boiler Wall Cleaning & Inspection

A cleaning and Inspection robot for boiler walls, our biggest robot eliminates the need for scaffolding in boilers. It cleans and inspects the boiler tubes in parallel.

time saving

Looking at the big picture the time & cost saving using a robotic cleaning and inspection solution is tremendous. From preparation tasks (e.g. work permits), to scaffolding, to cleaning & inspection time & effort are reduced.


The robot is operated from a safe & remote location. Confined space work permits, rescue plans and watchmen are not required. This not only saves costs but also minimizes the risk for your operators.


The crawler automatically detects the tubes, recognizes deviation on the driving path and corrects it automatically. For the operator this means he can purely concentrate on his cleaning / inspection task.

BWCI - Boiler Wall Cleaning & Inspection

Water walls (tubes welded to tubes in parallel) in coal-fired boilers need to be inspected on a regular basis carrying out a visual inspection and a wall thickness measurement. To avoid time consuming scaffolding time, especially for partial inspection, an automated system for water wall inspection and cleaning was designed by Inspection Robotics in collaboration with our partners.


How it works

The system is able to reach the point of interest in the boiler from its launching point (typically the manway). This means safe attachment to the water wall from the entryway, movement on the water wall tubes in any orientation and crossing wall transition. If needed, the inspection area can be cleaned before it is inspected visually and/or by UT for corrosion.

As the inspection location can be very far away from the manway (up to 20m) and the operators shall preferably stay outside the boiler, the operator requires sufficient feedback to navigate the crawler efficiently and safely. To support the operator the UT inspection along a tube is automated and self adjusting.

The Crawler

The core element of the inspection system is a crawler with 4 magnetic rollers. The magnets can be swiveled to allow for safe handling as well as to be able to cross wall transition (up to 60°). The crawler carries up to 3 water jet nozzles fed by a water pump outside the boiler. A dedicated deployment crane allows the operator team to safely deploy the 80kg crawler into the boiler.


For corrosion inspection up to 3 UT probe holder units with up to 7 channels each can be mounted. Several cameras on the crawler was well as an overview camera at the manway provide the feedback needed for navigation. A dedicated pan-tilt-zoom inspection camera mounted at the crawler front allows for flexible and even distant visual inspection, e.g. of coal nozzles.

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BWCI – Boiler Wall Cleaning & Inspection

A cleaning and Inspection robot for boiler walls, our biggest robot eliminates the need for scaffolding in boilers. It cleans and inspects the boiler tubes in parallel. See it in action   get brochure time saving Looking at the big picture the time & cost saving using a robotic cleaning and inspection solution is tremendous. LEARN MORE →


BWCI - Boiler wall cleaning & inspection
Storage temperature -20…+70 °C
Operating temperature -5…+50 °C
Weight 77kg
Speed 150mm/s
NDT 3 UT arrays, each 7 channels
NDT deployment motorized lifting & lowering of probe assemblies
Cleaning 3 waterjet nozzles
Visual 2 VGA cameras onboard
Illumination 4 LED Arrays, each 6W
Fall protection for 100kg load, 50m stroke
Power 48V DC, max. 15A
Communication Ethernet

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