BS2 - Bore Scanner Mark2

The BS2 – Bore Scanner is the second generation of the Inspection Robotics Bore Scanner; It can perform UT and ET simultaneously and covers bore diameters range from 70mm up to 300mm.

advanced NDT

Performing Ultrasonic and Eddy Current inspection at the same time reduces the inspection time by 50%. By evaluating ET and UT data simultaneously flaws can be categorized more efficient which leads to high quality of inspection.

diameter adaptation

The Bore Scanner is designed to overcome step changes in the bore diameter (bottle bores). Bore diameters from 70mm up to 300mm can be covered without the need of exchanging parts.

pure mechatronics

In contrast to previous designs it does not need any additional pneumatic or hydraulic supplies. For this reason, the deployment is significantly simplified both in terms of installation time and logistics.


Large rotors in power plants need to be inspected on a regular base for reliability and safety reasons. Early forging techniques used to construct such rotors were inferior when compared with modern techniques. For this early techniques it was necessary to bore a hole, axially, through the center of the rotor to remove any inclusions or ‘piping’ indications that may have formed. These bores have to be inspected periodically for initiation cracks. On the same time the access of the complicated rotor geometry from the rather simple bore geometry allows for extended volume inspection of a large part of the rotor. If in an early inspection critical cracks were detected, those sections have been machined out in order to remove the potentially dangerous crack initiation zone, resulting in changes in the bore diameter. These tapered bores can now be inspected with the Bore Scanner.


How it works

Product volume defects are detected using 5 different Ultrasonic probes, looking perpendicular as well as inclined both in axial and circumferential direction. An Eddy Current array record surface opening or near surface flaws, which can hardly be detected with UT. All these probe channels are mounted into 2 rigid probe housings.


The Bore Scanner is used to move the probes in a helical scan pattern along the bore surface. The rotation is executed by a scanning head inserted into the bore. It rotates the 2 probe assemblies continuously, using slip rings and a couplant liquid rotation joint. The probes are mounted on 2 arms which are opened and closed by a DC motor. A spring in series to the motor guarantees reliable contact of the UT probes to the bore surface.

The scanner is inserted into the bore manual using a pushing stick through a specific and easy to handle launching platform. The axial drive mounted at the launching platform then pulls back the scanning head, thereby performing the helical scan.

Tapered holes (bottle bores)

A set of 3 spreading leg arrangement enables the scanning head both for adapting to different bore diameters as well as for climbing diameter steps. These legs are motorised and equipped w/ a force sensor and thus can be controlled from outside the bore to perform the complex climbing procedure. Again, a spring in series to the motor actuation serves both for overload protection as well as for stable centring on the bore.

Key features

  • tapered holes from 70mm to 300mm
  • bore length up to 12m
  • integrated motor controllers


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The BS2 – Bore Scanner is the second generation of the Inspection Robotics Bore Scanner; It can perform UT and ET simultaneously and covers bore diameters range from 70mm up to 300mm. See it in action advanced NDT Performing Ultrasonic and Eddy Current inspection at the same time reduces the inspection time by 50%. By LEARN MORE →

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