Modular Inspection Robots

Inspection Robotics is introducing its new modular concept for future developments.

November 2011: Introducing a modular concept for future robotic developments

Reliable inspection for corrosion, cracks and other kinds of flaws is crucial to avoid possible costly incidents. This is the main requirement we are confronted with in our daily business. As many applications are based on the same or similar technology we have created a modular concept for our developments. Depending on the application the engineers can now combine pre-defined robotic modules such as wheel- or track drives, encoders, motor controllers and many. This enables us to build prototypes in a very efficient way.

Inspection Robotics’ modular crawlers provide multipurpose capabilities for performing various kinds of inspections or cleaning operations. Thanks to the modular design it is possible to mount various kinds of sensory and camera equipment for NDT and to integrate these into the robotic navigation system.

A modular inspection crawler is a steerable crawler system with integrated navigation that is very efficient and easy for inspection personnel to use.

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