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We have developed a novel approach to confined space robot localization. The technology provides full 3D spatial awareness of the robot in the asset and a 3D interactive robot control. Inspection data is automatically tagged with the precise position in the asset, and a digital twin containing all the inspection data is maintained. Inspection reports are generated automatically, and the data can be uploaded into asset performance management systems.


The system is able to localize itself and automatically links the captured image with the correct asset-coordinates. In normal sized pressure vessels and tanks the accuracy and repeat-ability is ±25mm (±1″).


The technology provides full 3D spatial awareness of the robot in the asset and a 3D interactive robot control. For the operator this means precise and easy to use navigation capabilities.


Inspection data such as Images, UT thickness measurements, Eddy Current Data etc. captured with a 3D LOC equipped robot are tagged with the position in the asset and integrated with the 3D Digital Twin.


All the tools you need to plan, simulate and execute your inspection.

Step 1: Asset generation

create a 3D model of your asset

The Asset Builder Software package is a powerful tool to quickly create 3D models without the need of using design Software.

Step 2: Simulation

inspection plan before deploying the robot

Use our simulation software to create your flight plan through the asset in a virtual environment.

Step 3: Inspection

robot deployment & reporting

closing the circle from asset generation throughinspection planning to the actual inspection and final report.


Get a better understanding of the system and functionalities.

Operator View

during inspection

A glimpse into the Software and user interface. Learn how to operate an inspection robot inside confined spaces.


how to perform an inspection

A tutorial on how to use 3D LOC to capture the data you need and to annotate right. This short video explains the workflow step by step.


3D mission viewer for all your findings

Every single capture is geo-tagged in the 3D asset. The mission viewer is the "container" for all inspection data with exact timeline.

Specs & Resources

Download documents and get technical insights to assess applicability on your site.

3D Mission Viewer

Download the free mission viewer Software to view and replay 3D LOC inspections. 

Example mission

Download this example mission, recorded by our team in Dunkirk.

Mission Viewer Tutorial

Get a brief description on how to use the mission viewer.

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The 3D representation of the robot and its path inside the vessel. Position and pose is recorded in real time.

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The blue lines show the frame of the image and its centre. The live video feed is in the bottom right corner.

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Video feed from the HD inspection camera with touch controls for camera tilt and zoom as well as focus and light adjustments.

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Integrated front and rear view wide angle cameras for navigation.

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Controls for manipulating the 3D representation, data capture and system settings.

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Toggle views depending on situation. Enlarge camera views when needed.

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3D View controls for rotating, panning and zooming. Handles to adjust cutting plane to view inside the model.

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Start by loading your 3D mission file.

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This is the inspection timeline. Every triangle indicates a capture during the mission. You can click scroll through the timeline to see the robot path.

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With these controls you can change your 3D View. Controls are for pan, rotate and zoom. Simply activate by clicking and use left mouse button. Zoom also with mouse wheel.

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This is your robot position at the given time. The blue cone represents the field of view which is related the the zoom level.

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The colored diamonds indicate the position of a taken capture inside the asset. You can directly click on these captures to see the footage taken. Also the position in the timeline will be highlighted.

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This is what the actual capture. You can use annotation functions to better visualize your finding. With the capture the we also store all camera parameters (pan, tilt, zoom, light) and pictures from the navigation cameras.

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In this section the inspector documents his finding and recommendation. Select if you want this capture to go into the report.

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Once you have reviewed all captures and annotated correctly you can generate a word report to hand out to your customer.

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