With this 3D visualization and planning software we support customers to plan robotic inspections and train operators. Detailed inspection planning in 3D results in great time savings and confidence for the operator.

feasabilty study

Inspection 3D allows the feasibility of an inspection task to be assessed. With a comprehensive simulation-based approach, the feasibility of the inspection setup can be investigated through the use of an interactive, real-time simulated environment.

operator training

Before deploying a robotic inspection system into a real asset we  make sure the operator can handle & navigate the robot in that specific environment. By this the risk of damaging the robot & the asset is reduced to a minimum.

inspection planning

The software can be used to plan the inspection in a efficient and repeatable way. Therefore the robot is virtually positioned at its starting point and drives to the position needed to inspect a certain feature - everything in the 3D environment with the real robot control.

Inspection 3D

Inspection 3D is the latest innovation for asset integrity management and condition assessment. Inspection 3D is a series of powerful 3D virtual simulation solutions to support and improve asset management inspection for the petrochemical industry. Inspection 3D enables a step change in inspection reliability, reduces risks and saves costs through a systematic approach to preparation, execution and analysis.


How it works

Our customers provide us with the 3D model of the asset to inspect. Together with the 3D robot model this goes into the simulation software. The operator controls the robot with the joystick, just like in a 3D video game.


Data generated by a fully integrated simulation solution allows inspections to be analyzed from every angle. Information relevant to the simulation goals is determined based on project scopes and
real-life inspections goals. The Inspection 3D environment supports the analysis of the inspection and the most optimal mission strategy.

Digital Twin

With mobile technology being introduced into the inspection and maintenance sector, Inspection 3D allows information to be accessed easier in a digital form. Data can be collated from a wide range of sources and integrated for specific tasks or missions ensuring up-to-date and relevant information.



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Available for Robotics platforms

In general Inspection 3D can be used for our complete product portfolio. Currently, we recommend to use it for inspection planning & training on the following platforms.

BIKE platform

The BIKE platform is a very compact magnetic wheeled robot capable of inspecting power plant facilities and multiple applications in the oil&gas industry, such as vessel or pipe inspection. The innovative locomotion concept is capable of climbing complex structures and passing obstacles.   see it in action get brochure High mobility This robot can climb vertical LEARN MORE →


The solution for remote visual inspection of tanks, vessels and pipes – equipped with a powerful PTZ inspection camera this robot is revolutionizing visual inspections. See it in action get brochure remote inspection The FAST RVI allows the operator to access areas that could not be accessed by human, get more coverage, inspect behind baffles LEARN MORE →

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