ICS - Integrated Control Station

The all-in-one control solution for our robotics platforms. This device combines a powerful industrial computer, our motor control unit and an integrated touch screen monitor. 


The ICS is built in a field proven hard-case shell. With its protection rating of IP it can be used in harsh environments and even outside during rain.

fully integrated

With all required system integrated the operator needs just one single line (Power + Ethernet) from the ICS to the robot.


No matter if you are using a FAST platform, Bike platform or any other of our robotic systems. The ICS can be used to control all Inspection Robotics systems.

ICS - Integrated Control Station

For performing automated inspections in the field, the operator has to transport, setup and operate a multitude of equipment. Cable handling cable routing and connecting all individual devices can be time consuming and a source for potential errors and faults. With the integrated control station we simplify the setup and inspection process. The operator only connects his inspection robot and is ready to start.


Implemented devices

  • Inspection Robotics baseUnit
  • High performance industrial PC
  • Touchscreen display
  • ruggedized joystick
  • Ethernet switch
  • Encoder I/O

Key features

  • safe operation
  • low weight and few items only
  • simple to setup
  • few cables: short setup time, clean desk top, reduced risk of stumbling and entanglement)
  • one AC connection inlet
  • versatile power supply: 100 – 240V AC, 50/60Hz, max 2000W
  • robust: harsh environments


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ICS - Integrated Control Station
Storage temperature -20…+70 °C
Operating temperature -20…+40 °C
Safety Rating IP 65



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