Mission and vision

Business Driver

It is of great importance that the availability of large-scale facilities such as power plants, refineries, chemical resp. petrochemical installations, or facilities for accessing, extracting and transporting oil and gas should be as seamless as possible. The operators of these facilities do their utmost to prevent unscheduled downtimes, as these cause losses amounting to millions – every day.


Our Mission

Alstom Inspection Robotics enables its customers to inspect large-scale technical facilities quickly, precisely and automatically. Relevant inspection findings can be repeated at any given moment and compared with data from previous inspections. Alstom Inspection Robotics delivers products with industrial-grade reliability and robustness that meet high quality standards.

Inspection robots from Alstom Inspection Robotics enable operators to plan outages more precisely and reduce downtime. This makes facilities more available and profitable, as well as boosting the safety of people and the environment.

Our Vision

Alstom Inspection Robotics’ vision is to be the world’s leading provider of state-of-the-art but highly robust robotic inspection technology. Collaboration with leading industrial partners and world leading universities ensures a continuous process of innovation.

  • Support ALSTOM Field Service to differentiate by technology.
  • Provide industrialized mobile robots to industrial service providers facilitating them to perform fast and reliable inspections in the Oil&Gas industry.